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Now, the use of Muslim fashion is not just limited to events or holidays recitation of Muslims only. Closing the meeting throughout the body that are considered private parts has become a style of dress most of the Muslim women in the homeland.

Yet the desire of the Muslim women to cover themselves are inseparable from the desire to still look fashionable and stylish. That prompted the designers to continue to seek creative new forms of rich alternative. So when talking about Muslim dress, the choice is not only fixated on the robe, tunic-style dress or full abaya sequin, beaded, and embroidered.

The designers who are members of the Association of Indonesian Fashion Designers & Entrepreneurs (APPMI) during the last few years routinely held a fashion show to present the Muslim fashion latest fashion trends. This year, 10 designers held a show titled Silk APPMI Ramadan - The New Idul Fitri 2008 Collection.

In the demonstration which took place at The Cascade Lounge Hotel Mulia, Jakarta (21 / 7), shown up to striped tunic dress cut empire line. Although the department is closed but the designers still put forward the elements of comfort and practicality, so memorable light.

One designer, Nuniek Mawardi, APPMI member of West Java, featuring Muslim fashion-themed "Exo Playism" which was inspired by the beauty of East Nusa Tenggara weaving and colorful paintings of Ancient Egypt fantastic. NTT ikat color combinations appear in the alloy toska, green, blue, and purple with red, fuschia, yellow, and orange.

"I really want to display a dynamic fashion, not excessive, but not minimalist," he interrupted the show performances. Clothing that is displayed even look chic, a knee-length tunic-tunic is fitted with a unique knit leggings.

Other designers that afternoon held a design, including Hannie Hananto, Jeny Tjahyawati, Merry Pramono, Adi Medina, Toera Imara, Ade Listiyani, Lia Afif, Nuniek Mawardi, Herman Nuari, and Raizal Rais.

Islamic Fashion Festival

Meanwhile, one day after APPMI, held Islamic Fashion Festival (IFF), which lasted two days at the hotel Dharmawangsa, Jakarta. Muslim fashion parade in a creative, stylish, full of detail, shown by designers from Indonesia and Malaysia.

According to committee chairman, Dato Raja Rezza Shah, IFF is smooth without any coercion in the solicitation calls upon Muslim women to cover themselves. Therefore, the clothing choices offered was varied from a minimum closure of a shawl and her hair looks, up to a maximum closed.

IFF followed by 20 designers. From Indonesia there Biyan, Itang Yunasz, Sebastian Gunawan, Merdi SIH ESMOD Fashion School, Barli Asmara, Samuel Wattimena, Moses Widyatmojo, and Meeta Fauzan. While Malaysia include designer Albert King, Datin Sharifah Kirana, Iszal Citra, Andy Salleh, On Bestari, Tengku Fara, Tangoo, Shareza Muslims, Defrico Audy, Adesagi, and Calvin Thoo.

On the second day of operation of the IFF, some designers raised the uniqueness of local culture in detail ornaments, materials, or the basic idea that animates the entire design. Like you want to display Merdi Sihombing with Songket Collection as the opening day of the second.

Model baju kurung of songket purple color looks cantikdengan white veil. "This collection is the basic idea of ​​what's raised Indonesia's natural adaptation to the Muslim dress for the party," said Merdi to Kompas.com.

Uniquely, swarovski jewelry making techniques detailed in the weaving done at the same time weaving process (wave-in), usually only stitched on a fabric that is so. "In terms of coloration is also a natural with the roots, stems, leaves from the plants that exist in the homeland," he explained.

The technique, according to Merdi, has never been used in Indonesia, even in the world. "The selection of yarn for the shawl I use ulos any lightweight material, as long as it's ulos always made from stiff and thick. I want to create a comfortable ulos, "he said

Another with young designers Barli Asmara which emphasizes a young soul, though his work also originated the idea of ​​weaving Bali. He presented a model empire-line, skirt piles with detailed ornaments swarovski crystal wrapped in soft colors like gray and peach.

In addition to Muslim clothing, swimwear also displayed. Muslim women's swimwear designs with modern colors also appear in the work of the Active Bestari is ready to wear.

The work of designers from various countries showed unified frontier and an unusual choice motives could actually inspire extraordinary. That Islamic Fashion Festival 2008 this time, inspiration from culture and youthful spirit of new birth for Muslim fashion world with a choice of diverse themes.
Lucia Anna Kus, Maya Saputri

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