Muslim Clothing Trends

Muslim fashion is no longer only serves as cover aurat but also as ornaments to beautify the appearance in front of Allah and fellow human beings.

Muslims and Muslim clothing is increasingly popular even become the nation's cultural richness of Indonesia. Together with neighboring Malaysia, Indonesia became a barometer of the Muslim fashion, which is recognized and appreciated by the international community.

Manufacture of clothing Muslim Indonesia largely determined by the creativity of fashion designers (fashion designer). Institute of Clothing designer (IPBM) West Java held regularly every year milad featuring the latest creations of its members.

Design theme that is always raised a variety of cultural treasures ranging from batik, songket, sarongs, and more. Style design was tailored to the needs of users, both for day-to-day events that stylish formal and casual or special occasions like parties and weddings.

The book "Indonesian Clothing Trends" contains dozens of design ideas from designers IPBM, which you can select and use to add to your collection of Muslim clothing.

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