Classic: Long & Lean

When Chanel set a little black dress as a classic format approved by women worldwide, how to dress version muslimahnya?

As you know, is not the same classic not trendy. The connoisseurs of fashion say in the classical style is reflected establishment which was presented through a few basic characteristics:
• Material quality
• Minimal jewelry
• Stitches super neat
• basic color (black, white, gray, maroon)
• Polos, or if patterned range boxes, or lines.
• 'Abstinence' visible ketingalan times

With the formulation of such style, the wearer is in the path 'safe', and sophisticated.

Gamis, The Only One
Muslim fashion, often identified with the clothing worn by Middle Eastern women. Hence, all the classics, not necessarily connected with the characters mentioned above, but often associated with the characteristics typical of the country's clothing, such as jelabah, or abaya.

In Indonesia alone, say 20 years ago, Moslem clothes grew from a small group, such as boarding schools or study groups. At that time, the dynamics of women who wear it certainly is not the same woman today. Robe, which is a long dress bersiluet H, or A quite popular and branded as one of the classics. Alternatively, blend blouse or skirt bersiluet full length. At that time, the material that is applied is limited to thick materials, rigid in dark colors.

In the present, 'limitation' of classical Muslim fashion is sometimes made 'allergy'. Gamis seen as less supportive of motion as well as the needs of the wearer, so that often only worn on certain occasions. For example, at the banquet, or religious activities. Because only limited use, the design is applied too narrow.
Luckily the trend held out his hand quickly. And reveals the fact that the robe, or other types of classical dress has new faces that can be processed further.

Materials & Details
In essence, the beauty of a piece of clothing would not only be viewed from one side only, for example, only the silhouette. To enter the category of "good", all its elements, such as choice of materials, details, and the cutting must be observed. Gamis or alloy piece blouse and skirt ankle length also can look beautiful and supportive comfort of the wearer when applying it.

One thing that is feared by the users of this loose-paced fashion intersect, which is worried about falling on the impression of fat or short. Two things can disiasati through:
• Options on fibrous materials supple and soft.
• Detail focused on areas of the body ideal. For example, for a wide-hipped, ornaments should not be placed in the pelvic region, and can be transferred at the bottom of the dress.
• The combination of the controlled color. For example, for the less high body should not apply the two pieces of clothing color contrast.
• Selection of heeled footwear moderate or high.

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