Shafira Collection

The 21st century is marked by the rise of spiritual awareness, spiritual era. Many things associated with spirituality: intelligence, business and lifestyle. Shafira consistent in the Muslim fashion business is a company that since the initial offering and practicing spirituality, even the product is spirituality itself.
Starting from a Muslim shrine that occupies the building KKMB (Student Welfare Cooperative Bandung) located on Jl. Ir.H.Djuanda Lt.2 No.52, Shafira pioneered by Ms. Feny Mustafa. On January 8, 1989, the official Shafira incorporated into PT. Shafira Laras Persada. After that period, Shafira continue to improve itself through improved management systems, development of production systems, marketing, and improving the quality of human resources professionals and berakhlaqul karimah. 

Shafira is fragrant and the leading names in the business of fashion Muslims in Indonesia and International. It has been 17 years of its existence and has over 50 outlets, Shafira presence in Indonesia is a proud achievement. Currently Shafira have achieved ISO 9001:2000 certification, which acknowledged the system operated by Shafira, to ensure customer satisfaction. Now is the time Shafira golden opportunity to the public and Shafira International to join together, become part of Shafira to serve the needs of the community will Moslem-quality products through Shafira Franchise....

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