Muslimah Dress (Some Tips)

If the title is 'Muslimah dress', it is definitely must meet the rules as required in Islam. Note the length of which must cover the whole genitalia, ranging from head to toe, except the palms of the hands and face. Select the material is also not too thin so as not transparent, and not too tight so that the curve of the curve is not prominent.
Moslem clothes are no longer limited to the model. Pretty muslim fashion trends with sequins and beads often enchanting. But the dark eyes that just because apiknya fashion. If the clothing you need is a fashion house, look simple. This is different again when you search for Moslem clothes for work or party. For fashion work, choose soft, neutral colors. As for dress party, it would not hurt if you want to choose a model that is more 'lively', for example with sequins, beads, or made from luxurious.

Luxurious materials for fashion party does not mean the choice fell on the material is thick and hot. Select a pliable material, heavy but not fall. Materials such as viscose, silk and cotton will make you look chic and still feel comfortable.

Play color
Muslim clothing that only consists of basic colors, like black, brown or dark blue? Sorry, but it is out of date. Do not hesitate to choose a bright color or a little experimenting with a blend of fashion colors and hoods.

For the choice of veils, wear only one color, aka plain clothes if you wear stripes or patterns of materials, select which made thin and fall. Choice models are now a variety of veils, you only need to choose appropriate clothing. 'Braid', model 'wrap', until the model 'stacks' will increasingly make you look beautiful.

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