Choosing Moslem Clothes

Moslem current and growing trend both in terms of the model, and color variations. You could say, Muslim fashion is now becoming more stylish and flexible without compromising principles and rules of Muslim dress is good and right. In choosing a Moslem, the appropriate rules and regulations stipulated for the Muslim, comfortable and suit your personality, and also must fit the circumstances. 

Here are some tips that you can look at in choosing a Muslim fashion:
Select the appropriate Moslem Islamic rule, namely that covers the genitals, inappropriate, not tight, not transparent, not too much (luxury), and can protect themselves from something that could hurt. Muslims Try to choose clothes that are also adapted to the conditions and events attended. That is, should also be adjusted to the nuances whether casual, formal, semi formal or otherwise.

Match the materials, colors and fashions worn by Muslims who lived activity. If prosecuted active, dynamic, and many activities, choose a material that absorbs sweat Muslim fashion, is not easily tangled, and we recommend that two pieces (superiors and subordinates) to subordinate long pants.

Dress better used for activities that do not move too much or activity mostly silent on the spot. Complete collection also Moslem you with a variety of colors from bright colors (pink, red, yellow, light blue, orange, and others) to neutral colors (white, black, brown, dark blue, gray).

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