Muslim clothing to school

Dressed in Muslim clothing with a headscarf is a partner, a few years ago around the year 90s, Muslim clothing to school children usually wear the robe, sometimes large or loose shirts, coupled with wide skirts or jeans, or fabric, plus a hood length / width, but there is also the short hooded, with a primary color such as black, white and brown, then wear socks and arm coverings, many are spouses, sometimes they fuse match, a long shirt, blue jeans, hooded blue & all, but sometimes big shirt with long skirt and headscarf / hijab matching skirts or matching colored shirts.

But entering the 2000s, have been very diverse Moslem or Muslim clothes, let alone mode is emerging in major cities, Muslim clothing is not only a robe and tunic, but there an abaya, with a beautiful scarf or a hooded variety of models & making style, known as much sweetener to create such beautiful veil sequins, embroidery, and embroidery, also a variety of existing materials from satin, paris materials, as well as silk, to increase household income sometimes distributor, to make a beautiful scarf given to the mothers for their home-based business (handmade) sometimes they make themselves with only with a plain veil, then buy the yarn embroidery / embroidery & sequins that has become, then sew their own, modified by their model.

Many women are now concerned about the appearance hijab, if they want to have, just go to the center of the wholesale clothing Muslim or Muslim boutiques that sell these beautiful hijab, or if you do not want to leave the house, can search the internet looking for an online business that sells beautiful hijab, then will find dozens who sell wholesale fashion hijab muslim & beautiful, as well as retail, many models that can be modified on the veil, if it does not want any kind of decoration veil simply add the brooch flower shapes or flat as a sweetener.

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