How to harmonize their Veils with Face Shape

FORM oval face Oval face shape can be said face shape oval face shape ideal and are free to choose a veil or headscarf can even overlook the use of headbands. Create with the more beautiful you are using a model of hijab / veil by Muslim fashion.

Chin length is the main characteristic triangular face shape, coupled with wider temples distance than the distance the base of the jaw. Use a veil drawn back as far as possible and meet in the neck, so that the jaw was opened. To fill in the blanks next to the left and right ear volume is recommended to use  knitting on the side that is able to fill the void. And for the more uplifted brow, use a headband or headband that volume on the sides and top before applying. You will be more beautiful with hijab model used, especially with the creation Moslem or Muslim clothes to match.

SQUARE FACE SHAPE Feature of this face shape is the width between the temples and the inter-base of approximately the same jaw, strong jaw and chin that looks vague. In  face-up form requires a box of dark shading section temples, near the ear to the jaw. The difference is hidden in the face of this box is the severity of the jaw. In a veiled can be done by hiding in the treads. Then use a headband / headband that volume at the top to suggest the form of the face appear more elongated. You'll dazzle with Muslim fashion.

Long face shape is characterized by a long chin and forehead are relatively high with a distance equal to the distance temples jaw. So to reduce the high-brow, it is advisable to use ciput volume on the right and left with half ciput placed slightly down so that cover most of the forehead. So you will look elegant with a collection of Muslim clothing.

This face shape is characterized by distance forehead to chin the same distance of the two temples and jaw bones buried in cheek. If likened to make-ups, then the shading on the face of a round shape was applied to the temples, around ears and jaw. And the veil or hijab model that is suggested that close on the chin with a little forward towards the cheek, thus directly reduced excessive cheek. This type of face shape requires ciput, but before wearing headbands volume use. Selecting bandana a semi-elastic material (such as stocking material) so that head size is not increased. Bandana that you used before will be looming out (like embossing on the hood) and will impress the elongated shape of the face.

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