Choosing Moslem Robe

How to choose a Moslem robe and how to wear Muslim dress matching color unified frontier, as well as other contemporary fashion, Muslim fashion style robe can also be made, fashionable and trendy.

Just listened to ya tips below about the things that need to be considered in a dress or wear Muslim clothing or clothing like the robe for Muslim Muslims who still want to follow the development of modern Muslim clothing fashions.

1. For Muslim women who live tropical, choose materials that cool and easy to absorb sweat like cotton, shantung, jersey suitable for use in everyday clothing. Meanwhile, for better wear a party dress silk, chiffon, or satin, which could give the impression of luxury.

2. For details, full of fancy embroidery is only suitable for use while attending a formal party or another. For everyday use better wear a patterned robe simple yes.

3. In terms of color, can use a neutral palette as a fashion work or relax. Conversely, when attending a party, wear a robe of golden embroidery dark background or have a sequin detail.

4. Combine the hijab or veil that matches the color of your robe Moslem .Use simple accessory if gamis impressed. However, do not overdo it. Quite a long necklace or bracelet pearl  with draw a circular sweet on the wrist. Conversely, if the robe is already crowded avoid the use of accessories. The ring alone is enough you wear as an accessory.

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