Tips for Muslimah Clothing Works

If you are Muslim women who worked alone, then you'll want to listen to the article as follows. In the world of work you are prosecuted professionals included in the dress. There are unwritten rules that must be followed to make it look professional, but still portray the impression of trendy and fashionable. Here are some tips on choosing a Muslim clothing to work:

1. Avoid wearing Muslim clothing piled with busy patterns.

2. If you banyk do work outside, can choose the model of Muslim clothing does not restrict body movement. The combination of tunic and trousers is the right model for your reply. But if you prefer to spend time in the office, you can choose a distinguished Moslem feminine and trendy style. Paired with a shirt or tunic, skirt is a distinguished right choice.

3. If you want to appear wearing a shirt with a simple, choose which parts of a high collar and close the neck. With this, you can simply use the headscarf

4. For those of you who want to look elegant, robe can be an option. However, it would have to be adjusted motifs and details. Avoid motifs which are too crowded or too brief.

5. If you choose to wear the shirt, choose a shirt with slightly thicker material for thin materials which will create an impression of who is too relaxed.

6. Motif or a specific accent you can also add to add a festive appearance, but not to excess, for example motif embroidery on the sleeves, collar, and end fashion.

7. Your appearance also will look attractive if their use of bright colors. But, of course, in shades matching reply. If you want to look fresh, just use the blouse with blend of cheerful colors with neutral berpalet subordinates. This mix will make you look impressive but still flexible professional.

8. If you want to see fashionable yet comfortable should you choose cotton, viscose or silk shantung than as a feedstock. Even if there are elements of silk, mix combination with cotton, rayon or viscose to reduce kilapnya so you better feel comfortable.

Moslem rule was to work was sometimes represented differently by some Muslim women. Essentially, Muslim clothing for the office is not much different from ordinary clothing, but do not give the impression of a relaxed, keep a close aurat and polite. Dynamic impression, feminine and trendy is a plus for you if successfully select appropriate Muslim dress for work

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