Tips for Shopping Safely Online Muslim Clothing

1. Check the reputation of your site or sites where Muslim clothes shopping An e-commerce site or commonly known online store can be easily searched on the internet via search engines. The shape can vary, so do not be surprised if suddenly there is incoming emails offering a specific product. But if you want shopping at this online store you should check whether the site was new or not, many visitors and the number of members (member), even if the fraudulent check was also ranked her Alexa and PageRank. The longer the site exists and the number of members can be ascertained many online stores are good and trustworthy.

2. Find a reference to the store where you shop online Muslim clothingEvery online seller needs testimonials from its customers to prove he is a trusted seller (recommended seller). It can be utilized to search for more information. Check if a lot of praise or complaint. Complaints can also be divided into several types, whether complaints of price, time delivery or delivered goods not in accordance with drawings and specifications listed on the site. If this happens to you, good sellers will ask for the goods be returned and exchanged for new ones.

3. Clarify informationEach online store and cyberspace sellers always include the name, ID (when in kaskus), phone number and address of the shop or home when the personal, as well as contacts chat (YM, Skype, MSN, etc.). This guarantees that the seller can be contacted at any time. Also try searching for information via Google, check whether the seller has a shop in another place, and sometimes we even find references from other sites about the seller. And look at the Bank for payment and the type of cargo companies that he used.

4. See the price comparison shopping online Muslim clothingCheck on Google and other online stores, whether the item you want there as well and sometimes even different prices. Seller online in the virtual world sometimes is a reseller of other sellers, so price is a little expensive, about 5 thousand to 15 thousand. So mending buy direct from the source and author.

5. Expand communication with the sellerBefore you place an order, try to first contact the seller in person, good chat, SMS or phone. View seller's response, it also can assess whether the contact info posted fake or not. And remember to ask for a receipt number delivery when the goods have been ordered, paid for and shipped. Usually use Tiki and JNE, with this receipt number delivered goods can track down. Beware of sellers who will not give me a receipt number diirim goods.  

6. Patience, Prayer and Trust Well if this is our obligation as the caliph and the servant of God. These three things must be done, and be a requirement in all our activities.

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